OnePlus 6T mclaren Service

iFix Service is the best solution for affordable and highly professional OnePlus repair in chennai. We specialize in a variety of OnePlus repairs and troubleshooting services for all OnePlus models. The repair specialists at iFix Service are trained and experienced at handling all sorts of smartphone software and hardware issues. Browse through our mobile phone services to find the repair services you require for your particular smartphone model.

OnePlus 6T mclaren Screen Replacement

Searching for a quick & moderate solution to your broke OnePlus 7 LCD screen repair replacement. Your device would be fixed within the shortest possible time frame

OnePlus 6T Mclaren Camera Replacement

OnePlus 7 camera has problems like poor pictures during video calls, operation failed when trying to use it, blurry or unclear pictures, non-responsive when clicked. For a quick and moderate fix to your OnePlus 7 camera fault

OnePlus 6T mclaren Battery Replacement

Are you going through some issues with your OnePlus 6T mclaren battery like budging, quick drain, taking too long to charge, sudden shutdown or battery won't charge at all. We understands ur needs and fix it as soon as possible

OnePlus 6T mclaren Speaker Replacement

We fix almost all speakers and MIC replacement problems like distorted or poor sound production, no sound at all from the speakers, cracked or very low sound, unable to hear during a phone call. We understands ur needs and fix it as soon as possible

OnePlus 6T mclaren Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

We fix almost all wifi and antenna faults like very weak or poor WiFi reception, unable to get accurate GPS reading, wifi indicator greyed out and unable to turn it on, continuously getting disconnected, keep searching for signal, unable to receive or make calls. We understands ur needs and fix it as soon as possible

OnePlus 6T mclaren Logic Board Replacement

We fix almost all motherboard problems includes Wifi not working, liquid damage, touch screen getting error message while restoring or upgrading your OnePlus 6T mclaren software. We use original OEM Parts to fix your motherboard problems. We have best well train & highly experienced technical team to fix your OnePlus 6T mclaren Motherboard problems